Payment moment

Line 1 and Line 2
Work comparison (why line 2 should be paid more than twice as much)

Based on the Line 1 expert's survey the common features are:

1. Opportunity to choose which ticket to solve using the skip button (avoid long tasks)
2. The process does not involve developing the solution on your own and further explanation + no conversation are involved (no unpaid time-spending)
3. The solution itself consumes for them less than 45 seconds on average, which is a mechanical process with the least mind-activity.

Based on the Line 2 expert's survey the common features are:

1. The harder tickets are assigned that require on average at least 3 more times (even though the task may take 15 minutes, which is more than 15 times larger regarding the time)
2. We cannot choose not to solve tickets with no effect on our KPI, and it is not efficient to improve our unsolved ratio.
3. Some clients may be "very curious" about the solution and we should spend our time providing more and more developed solutions without any compensation.
4. Our normal Mistake Rate KPI level is the same as Line 1, even though we should use more knowledge and effort to provide the solution.
5. Quantitive increase affects the quality of the service, to remain the level of the solution on the demanded level we should spend much more than 3 minutes, which is highly increased in correlation to the complexity of the task.

To conclude, if providing the solution for Line 2 takes more than two times larger amount of time, we are more restricted because the KPI system of our line and tasks assigned to us are more complex and demand a higher level of development, based on Line 1 compensation per solution ours should be next:

0.2×(>2 times more time)×(restrictions)×(complexity+level of solution development)>0.5

Based on the attached indexes and based on them developed logical arguments our work should be compensated for at least 0.4-0.5$/solution

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